Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's in a Bar? Shampoo Soap!

I've given up on shampoo!

For years I've been buying natural shampoos, sampling a broad range of products to find something to suit my moody head and my personal bias against testing on animals AND the environment. With my skin allergies increasing with age, I had to get away from all the chemical laden crap that plagues the stores in order to save my skin and my sanity.

Of course "natural" and "organic" does not mean your hair will like it! I've learned that lesson the hard way with some shampoos drying out my hair, while others left it lifeless or had me itching like mad. It's a loveless battle, finding something to keep your skin calm, esp. in a market where potent herbs or essential oils are poured on as if they're water.

Where, oh WHERE, I ask is the middle road? I've even played with my diet, water intake, vitamin supplements, all in search of a healthy mane, but to little or no avail. Surrending to practicality I have taken the soap I make to my head; after all, I know what is in it - I made it!

Last night my scalp was freaked out, so I decided to wash my hair even though I was beat from work and wanted only to drink a beer and watch The Office. Grabbing a bar of my Vernal Soap I took some time to lather up and BANG! Today my hair looks gorgeous - lots of waves and shine, no itch, and bodilicious curves, baby!

My Vernal Soap makes a faboo shampoo! WOO HOO!

So knowing what's in your bar or bottle does matter, esp. if you're at the point where you want to give up washing your hair altogether! :o)

I make a number of soaps that make great shampoo bars. I know this because friends and family have told me so. And feedback, the words of my buyers, is always worth reading!

Check out my site and do some of your own experimentation. Less mess in the shower, no plastic bottles to worry over, and totally natural are little gifts to ourselves in this increasingly empty age.


  1. great post. I've been using a handmade gel type shampoo in a jar. I'll have to try a bar soon. Great contest!

  2. lol, I've been using your soap bars for shampoo too :D It has made an amazing difference in my hair!

  3. I love the first soap I've tried and can't wait until I grab the next one! I am so glad I found you online. I will definitly try your idea about using it as shampoo too.

  4. I tried my Two Cedars soap out on my head the other night. It'd make a great bar for overly oily hair or scalp - fwiw!

    Glad you are all enjoying the soap. :o)

  5. It has never occurred to me to try my soap in my hair. I don't know why, because it seems to make complete sense now that you've pointed it out lol. I'm going to try it out tomorrow. I've got goat milk soap... do you think that will work?

  6. So I tried out my soap as shampoo and it worked great. It did take a little more effort to lather up the soap and get it in my hair than shampoo, but my hair had more body than normal and it smelled good. I think I might do this once/week or so to help get rid of the buildup from my regular shampoo. Thanks for the tip :)


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