Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Making Salve - the EYES have it!

Infusing oils, blending herbs and loving the natural creativity of it all!
Last night I decided to indulge in some new oils I obtained over the weekend. Lately I've been doing more research into the therapeutic values of the more exotic oils, especially India's amazing Neem Seed Oil. As such last night I blended some with Castor Oil for a new eye salve.

Ages back I owned a cute little pot of Elder Flower Eye Salve. I loved it. It reduced puffiness and redness, dark rings - all that weirdness that can happen around the eyes. It left the tissues feeling moist and supple, and of course beautiful!

Nothing can replace sleep, vitamins, a healthy diet and a beauty regimine that excludes tons of petrol based crap. The eyes during spring and summer seem esp. prone to issues, what with allergies and the increasing filth in the air from pollution and the lack of cleansing rainfall.

So this little beauty, my own take on elder flower eye salve, I am hoping will help alleviate some of these issues. Of course it's an external use thing and not something you would put directly INTO your eyes! But as a nice little healing lube for underneath and at the tops of the cheeks this beauty should serve it's purpose.

I'll be straining the herbs out from the infused oils this evening and hopefully pouring it into pots tonight or this weekend.

Another pair of items that will be in the shop soon are Cedarwood Soap (with Sandalwood and Cinnamon) and a Beltain Offeratory Blend (a millifleur blend of organic blooms from the garden). I'm hoping to be more on the ball with pics this month - they've been my downfall lately!

Blessings on this sunny spring day. Sure wish those 70F temps would return . . . .

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  1. Huh. I followed your blog address from Etsy and am enjoying reading more deeply about the herbs and oils you use. I'll be taking a closer look at your shop! Thanks!


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