Monday, January 19, 2009

Researching Complexity

When was the last time you really researched something?

For the past several days I've been researching the ancient Egyptian pantheon, down to the finer points of which cults were strongest during specific kingdoms and dynasties and where we these cults located geographically.  Talk about details - they're all over the place!  So many names!  I never knew the Egyptian pantheon was so large!  More than anything, I'm tracking down the symbolic nature of certain deities, what they stood for and how they were worshipped, it mind boggling.  

My focus group is Isis, Osiris, Hathor, Ra, Hapi, and Horus.

Did you know that these names are bastardizations of the Egyptian originals, changed and altered to be more easily rendered into Greek and Latin?

I have taken some time away from the research for now.  :o)  It's a constant hobby that's always been with me, this Ancient Egypt thing of mine.  It comes and goes every few years.  At one point I knew the dynastic history of the Amarna Period to a T!  This time though I want this information for one of my projects.  I just wish that there wasn't a mountain of texts out there on the subject! 

There is some sarcasm in there naturally, as finding the specific book you want is one of the terrible tasks of research and quite possibly the most daunting!

I'm preparing the recipes for my new line of soaps - votive glycerin soaps.  They'll be devotionals for specific deities and contain ingredients that resonate with them.  Of course, these soaps will most likely find market with only certain folks, but that's the point. More than anything, I am making them for myself.  It'll be a perk if others believe they might enjoy them as well, or find their ingredients intriguing.  

Have a blessed day!

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