Monday, January 19, 2009

Imbolc Sale at my Etsy Store February 2nd

Imbolc is the pagan holiday welcoming the return of the Sun!

Of course, being that I'm in Western Washington, the return of the Sun is definitely a welcome idea, as there is so much darkness this time of year . . . .  Rather makes me feel like I'm in utero, awaiting the coming of warmth, light, and MORE LIGHT!  

I know - technically it is getting lighter out as we pass farther from the solstice, but deep darkness at 5:15 is still a tad too early for me folks!  

Anyway, to celebrate this wonderful Imbolc day I'm having a special sale at my Etsy store on  Feb. 2nd!

~)O(~   Imbolc Sale ~)O(~

- - - February 2nd - - -
Shop all day and enjoy FREE shipping with your order!
PLUS when you spend $25 or more, get 10% OFF your entire order!

It's our way of welcoming the Sun!

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