Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Packing Spices and Making Herbal Foot Soak

Good morning and Happy New Year - 2009!

This morning I am packing up my first international order and thought it's small, I'm eager to get it out the door for it's long trek to Germany.

I recently added international shipping to my site. Originally I was keeping things somewhat local, shipping exclusively to the US and Canada; but as requests for shipping to Europe kept coming in, I felt rather bad telling folks no. Per family advice, I plugged in international rates and voila: order one arrived!

I'm blending up a fresh batch of herbal foot soak this morning. I love using the organic herbs grown in my parents' garden, some of them planted with my own hands. There's something really neat about taking care of a plant, whether it's weeding, watering or pruning. The feel of the soil, the smell of the earth clinging to fingernails, the teeming throngs of insects living above and below . . . . Living magic that never ceases to be wonderful, especially in the drone of bees as they work.

Welcome to my first follower and to my contacts at Etsy! Happy New Year, folks!

* Picture: individual ingredients for Kala Masala being toasted over low heat *

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