Friday, July 10, 2009

Allergies and Why I Hate Them!

Yesterday started like any other day, except at the middle of it everything went crappy.

I'm eating lunch, a soup I've had once before, when bam - my face feels like I've suddenly taken on a 3rd degree burn. My face went hot and sweaty, my eyes burned, my neck . . . then my arms. I itched all over as the heat spread down the backs of my legs to the tops of my feet.

It was awful! For no apparent reason, my body was going cuckoo!

A look in the mirror told me I was in trouble. My face was swollen and red, my arms and neck the same. I called an emergency nurse line and was instructed to call 911.

911 - not a recommendation anyone wants to hear. Now I was freaked.

I called my husband who swept me off to the ER. A few pills and an exam . . . . I'm glad I made it through ok. But at 35 you don't expect your allergies to blow up to the point of having to go to the emergency room or argue with a doctor as to why you don't want an epi shot when you're allergic to epinephrin.

Not me, anyway.

And that's why I hate allergies just a little more today. The world is a scary enough place without having to be afraid that what you put in your mouth may kill you - and faster than you know it.

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  1. Did you ever find out what it was in the soup that you were allergic too? That would be frightening. I'm glad you're okay!


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