Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Favorite Soap . . . so far!

If I had to choose one . . . gosh, which would it be?

It's especially hard when each soap is so unique. Some are simple and work hard, others are highly complex, super fatty to the extreme; and then there are those who were made simply to meet some old, earthy need of mine. Such is my favorite, if I had to choose just one.

See the picture and understand. It took me a while to come up with just the right combination of ingredients to make this beauty whose lather is a dark, ruddy brown. She even had two names before I finally settled on Soul Ab. This soap has been a challenge to my craft and I love it.

Soul for my soul and the souls of those whom I love.
Ab for the Ancient Egyptian name for the Heart and that which rang true in death.

This soap has heart, not only in it's rich organic and natural ingredients, the love I put into making it, but that every once in awhile a bar has a heart deep in the middle - a soft, caramel brown center within the dark chocolate colored body.

I love the soft grit of the apricot kernel and the rosehips, the earthy, desert scent of the cinnamon, vanilla and pomegranate juice. It's like no other and it feels wonderful in the hands.

So yes, if there's a choice I'll take my Soul Ab Soap above the others when I'm feeling especially indulgent. Whether it's the ingredients or the chunky size of the bar, I'll never truly know. I just know that there's something special about this dark soap.



  1. That sounds absolutely awesome, just like many of your other items do. I'm glad I found your shop!

  2. Just read about your blog contest on the Poest site, came over to check it out and fell in love with the description of your soap. I love people who are so totally passionate about what they do. What do I love about soap? I like soap that satisfies my desire for cleanliness without leaving my skin feeling like sandpaper. Yours sounds wonderful

  3. I would be a follower to your blog now even if you weren't doing a free giveaway for your awesome soap.
    Why do I like soap? I love great smelling homemade soap...a nice earthy smell :-)And I'm not just saying it because you make soap lol!


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