Friday, March 20, 2009

Rainy, Wet Spring

Well Spring is finally here!

:o) Aren't you excited?

Ok, ok. So it's a soaking wet, cold, miserable Spring day. All of us in WA have been suffering from the coldest winter in ages, not to mention still recovering from the chill of 2008 (broke records, folks - remember January 2008). Dare I mention Junuary - June being colder than the January before it! Some things are best forgotten.

It's been difficult to fight the urge to till and weed, watch birds and hover around buds when snow is falling and ice covers the drains. The fibers of my spirit say, "into the earth with you! It's spring!" I think I'd rather have semi-warm hands than the frozen sticks that would surely result from weeding in these temps!

So what now? What's next is a question I think many people are asking in regards to this maddened weather we're suffering beneath. When will the soft, warm shoulders of Spring be yielded to the brilliant, sultry Summer heat? I can't remember being warm at this point.

We need some solar magic now, folks - please!

Today I am in need of Summer like air and water. Seriously - this cold and wet yuck must stop. I may never dry out at this point! And the continuous cold bug is starting to become more familiar than the elusive seasonal allergies.

But blessings to you nevertheless on this the first day of Spring. There is always a silver lining to a storm cloud, or so they claim.

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  1. Bravo! Spring is almost here. Time for weeding, final pruning and getting rid of all the clippings and junk. Halleleujah!

    Remember everyone, IRS Day, April 15 (?) is almost here. Set those shaking fingers to that pen and make your contribution today. Uncle Obama needs you, heck, we all need you.

    This is a great day. Lots of work done on the airplane (ha ha ha ah ha). Thing's are going up, who knows, one of these days it'll start to look like an airplane.

    Guess what! Grandson Estes is 32 1/2 inches tall and weighs in at a comfortable 23#! Dad says he eats like a trucker. Right on, Estes.

    Dad R


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