Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Label Designs Coming!

I'm so relieved. Today I finished designing my new labels!!! For too long I've labored over wrapping round packages, fighting with super glue and rubber bands, just to put my name on something. But after today - no more! I put my foot down last week and spent some hard earned cashola on some well priced promotional items.
On the recommendation of another Etsy seller, I found Promos in a Snap!. They made my business cards, as well as those gorgeous scratch coupons that go out with all my Two Strands Soap Works orders. Of course the designs are mine, but they also have advice for folks who don't want to do their own design work. Crystal's promo stuff is great and it seems that she can make anything - not just paper labels!

So here are the pictures of the new labels. I wanted to stick with something clean and organic, so I used source images I took from various photo sessions. Actually the background for the 2 x 2 inch sticker label is part of the photo ad for my Grounding Soap as sold at my Etsy store

It'll be nice to save a bit of time when I'm packing up orders. Now I just have to exercise the patience, since the new labels won't arrive for two weeks!

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