Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Precepts of Ptah - Hotep

(Egyptian; circa 2388 - 2356 BC)

A message for future generations . . . .

Do not be arrogant because of your knowledge,
Speak with those who know as well as those who do not.

Perfect speech is more elusive than gemstones,
Yet can be found among maidservants at the grindstones.

If you are entrusted with a message,
Hold fast to the truth of revealing it.

Follow your heart for the time of your existence.
Act within your capabilities.

Do not shorten the time of following-the-heart,
To destroy it's moment is offensive to the spirit.

If you are a leader, listen quietly while you hear a petitioner.
Allow him to pour out his heart of what he has to say to you.

If you are influential you will foster respect
Through wisdom and pleasant speech.

Acknowledge your neighbors while you have wealth,
Be kind to your friends.

Your friends are a bountiful harvest, greater than one's riches.
It is good to share one's possessions with them.

Restrain your desires, control your speech,
Then your position will be among the wise men.

Be patient while you speak
So that you may speak with wisdom.

If you listen to what I have said to you
All your plans will prosper.

The Truth is these sayings is their value,
They will not perish on this earth for eternity.

They will teach a person to speak to the future.
It is good to speak to the future so others may hear it.

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