Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Musings in the Creative Night

What I dream of as I watch the night come forth . . .

I dream of a rich date soap, dark with the juice of pomegranates, crusted with salt from the Dead Sea in the East.

I envision myself elbow deep in a bow of netjeri, scrubbing away the toil of another day as the sun makes His long journey towards dawn.

And I can almost smell the earthy sweetness of an incense that was burned by my ancestors 4,ooo years ago to call down the gods to protect their home.

Amidst this I am grinding incense by hand, the mortar and pestle circling, powdering down roots, peels, resins and herbs, to make them ready for a fire.

It is the magic of quiet moments, solemn music and flickering candles; the moments we are taught to ignore, to turn away from; the moments when I breathe deep and feel my soul stretching back into eternity, across a million years.

Find the blessings - they are everywhere.

Have an enchanting evening. :o)

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