Friday, April 3, 2009

Benefit the Good

I try to remember just how fortunate I am when I start worrying about "things".

I have a roof over my head, food, a loving husband, and enough cash to get by. I have no children to worry over. I am safe - for now.

Yes I am fortunate, even if I'm facing an IRS audit and somewhat slow web sales.

Just today I was thinking back on the first year my husband and I were married and living on our own. There was a month when we had $25 for food after paying the rent and the bills.

$25 for two adults.

I was glad it was just us to worry about and no kids, but it was scary realizing just how close to the bottom we were. And I was scared that I wouldn't be able to make it work, no matter how careful I was.

Of course in times of true challenge that is when our strengths shine forth. I was able to get us through it, thanks to all the thrifty techniques my parents instilled in me as a child. Shopping carefully, understanding price/pound and stretching a meal are skills everyone should know even if there's money in the bank!

I think of those days and today, about all the folks in this country who are out of work, who are surviving on the streets (because it sure as hell isn't living), whose children are hungry and scared. So many of the people who are "statistics" on the news re. job loss in the nation have people depending on them for a paycheck.

It's a disgrace that the very people who created and drive this economic crisis are going home to feast, while others famine. The horror of their karma is almost too terrific to think on.

But this is nothing new; in fact, it's the same old story being played out again and again. The land suffers, the people suffer, and the few climb higher to the top of their wicked pyramid while war rages around them.

Demons walk amongst us everyday and they were the cloak of man.

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