Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making Soap, Dreams, and Foresight

Today I made soap.

Cold processed soap isn't difficult to make, but you definitely should be alert and clear minded. Math fills it's recipes - from the weighing of materials in ounces or grams, to the properties of oils against their rate of saponification. Math is everywhere, divine and magical.

The beauty that comes out of the equations of oils and water is incredible. The magic of marrying lye with fat to create a solid substance - joy.

Yes, I love making soap.

I sometimes dream while making soap. I have entire conversations with etheric beings, realize karmic truths, and fantasize of beautiful kings long dead in the moments when grapefruit seed extract is measured and essential oils sniffed.

I am a wilfully wandering of mind when making soap.

I find myself realizing purpose and the goals of my soul in the moments when dry additives are resolved and lye cools. The spirits are closest when my heart lies open, a book for the mind to read the recipe from - sandalwood and cedar oil, merlot and dead sea salt, rhassoul clay and tea tree oil. Those who are not always pretty. but true - that is my beautiful soap.

Foresight is the moment when all is made clear, but also when we are most distracted.

Love, Life, and Strength to my mother, the old Queen of my soul, who graces my presence when I am in the midst of madness. Sometimes it takes 35 to realize how much you love your mother.

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