Friday, March 6, 2009

Great Handmade Incense Find - Smells Wonderful!

Product Review ~ Market Spice Incense
by Lodestone & Lady's Mantle

I'm an overly cautious purchaser of incense.

I can't stand the heavily perfumed, dyed, and chemically-laden incense from manufactureres who dare not to list the ingredients. The headache and sour stench that such products leave behind is never worth the bother, unless you're burning it safely OUTDOORS!

Take it to heart folks - if the maker of such wares doesn't list their ingredients, it's crap. Mass produced incense is notorious for containing artificial ingredients that are carcinogenic, poisonous, and downright horrible for all living things.

It's hard to find something natural that smells nice, burns well, and is safe, not to mention environmentally friendly.

Enter Lodestone & Lady's Mantle's Market Spice incense sticks.

These hand-rolled, aesthetically pleasing little twigs are a natural delight. I'm not exaggerating here - this is premium stuff! And I like that it doesn't leave the room smelling as if a diesel truck just drove through my home.

Spicy, rich smoke that burns nicely. Easy to douse and re-light later on. Premium ingredients.

The ingredients used by Lodestone & Lady's Mantle are all natural, ethically grown and harvested herbs, spices and resins, which means a sustainable product. Very few incense makers can boast such in this day and age.

I like this incense because I don't need to have any charcoal on hand to enjoy it. It's also easy to douse if you don't want to burn an entire stick. You just light the incense twig and set it somewhere safe to smoulder. Perfect.

Of course this isn't their only incense, but it's the one I like best!

A great little company located in Colorado. Fast, friendly service that leaves me feeling like I want to come back. :o)

Check out Market Spice incense - you won't be disappointed!

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